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Energy storage products

  • Hybrid power station for garment factory

    768kw, 810kwh | ATESS PCS630, PBD250

    Hybrid power station for garment factory

    Time: 2020


    Project: Hybrid power station for garment factory


    Installed capacity: 768kw, 810kwh


    Product: ATESS PCS630, PBD250



    A hybrid system installed for a garment factory to power for its manufacturing facilities. Supposed to produce 1.2 million kWh each year on average in the first 25 years, the system will greatly cut electricity bills for the factory owner.

  • Sierra Leone mine project

    50kW, 105kWh | ATESS HPS50

    Sierra Leone mine project

    Time: 2019


    Project: Sierra Leone mine project


    Installed capacity: 50kW,105kWh


    Product: ATESS HPS50



    This is a pilot hybrid solar station with ATESS HPS50 inverter. The system is applied in the

    office area of a mine as UPS power supply for the facilities.

  • Vanuatu project

    100kW, 100kWh I ATESS HPS100

    Vanuatu project

    Time: 2020


    Project: Vanuatu project


    Installed capacity: 100kW, 100kWh


    Product: ATESS HPS100



    Installation in Vanuatu with ATESS 100kW storage inverter HPS100 and 325kWh battery bank. This system is powering for an oil mill, a canning production line and a slaughterhouse with occasional generator back-up, which perfectly resolves the production restrictions induced by the lack of utility grid on the island.

  • Fishery-PV power station

    300kw, 800kWh | ATESS HPS150

    Fishery-PV power station

    Time: 2019


    Project: ACME India Factory Storage System


    Installed capacity: 300kw, 800kWh


    Product: ATESS HPS150



    Two HPS150 were installed in parallel on a large fishining boat, supporting the infrastructure aboard and also fishing aerator, water pump etc.

  • ACME India Factory Storage System

    500kWh | ATESS PCS500

    ACME India Factory Storage System

    Time: 2020


    Project: ACME India Factory Storage System


    Installed capacity: 500kWh


    Product: ATESS PCS500



    National Grid of India is not stable, even in urban area grid failure occurs frequently, most of the factories and offices are with backup diesel generator which is costly in maintenance and fuel consumption. the 500kW battery energy storage system with ATESS 500kW battery inverter, bypass cabinet, isolating transformer and LG battery was designed to support consumption of office and production line during grid failure, and minimize the usage of DG, at the same time runs as a test site for future grid regulation application.

  • South Africa Mhondoro Lodge project

    240kW, 1MWh | ATESS HPS120

    South Africa Mhondoro Lodge project

    Time: 2020


    Project: South Africa Mhondoro Lodge project


    Installed capacity: 240kW, 1MWh


    Product: ATESS HPS120



    Located in rural area of South Africa, totally off the grid, it's crucial to have stable and uninterrupted power supply. That's why ATESS HPS120 is chosen, 2units HPS120 are connected in parallel with 24 hours' backup(1MWh battery bank) to be the main electricity source for the lodge. The system is expected to produce 402.7MWh annually, which will greatly reduce the use of DG and contribute to emission reduction.


Ghana Solar Hybrid Plant

Time: 2017


Project: Kashgar, Xinjiang,China


Installed capacity: 20 MW + 400 kW/1006 kWh


Product: SC500TL, lithium batteries



The DC side energy storage system solution provided by SUNGROW for Kashgar, Xinjiang (China) is reputed as “terminator of power generation limitation”. It is a DC bus side parallel energy storage system of PV assemblies and PV inverters without the need to change the existing AC system configuration in the PV power station. This energy storage system can store the PV power exceeding the limit power in batteries, and the stored power can be supplied with the grid is slightly idle by one charge and discharge cycle a day, thus thoroughly solving the problem of power generation limitation. This energy storage system can also substantially improve the accuracy of PV power prediction with flexible control of the PV power station output power, making the station smarter and the grid more friendly.