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Share your ATESS story to win Amazon cards


In this season to show gratitude, we would like to express our sincere thanks to all the friends who have accompanied us all the way long and support ATESS. Your encouragement and trust have made ATESS as it is today.

To give back to clients, we have prepared some gift cards. Now share your story with ATESS(installation photos, description, testimonials, etc.), you will have the chance to win $200~$300 worth of Amazon gift cards. 


Just three easy steps to win your gift card:


Step 1. Follow ATESS on social media(Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter);

Step 2. Upload your selected pictures/video with a short description of the project;

Step 3. Please @Shenzhen Atess Power Technology Co., Ltd in your post(otherwise we may not see it), insert topic #ShareyourATESSstory, and post it.


Please include "Country” "Year of Installation” "Project Size” "Model” and "Number of Units” in your submission.


Additionally, it would be helpful if you could share your testimonials with the product performance. 

Note: there is no limitation for the number of photos or product lines(ESS and EV are both ok).






Installed country: Thailand

Year of installation: 2020

Project size: 630kW, 1.4Mwh

Model: ATESS PCS630x1unit, PBD250x3units, BR145x10units


We have selected the PCS manufactured by @Shenzhen Atess Power Technology Co., Ltd for our hybrid power station. The system is a plug-and-play easy solution for C&I applications, we just have to do some simple wiring when the system got to the site. So far the system works smoothly and the use of DG has been reduced to almost zero. Anyway, we enjoy using the ATESS system and working with the ATESS team.



$200 Amazon cards for two winners of photos.

$300 Amazon card for one winner of video.

One card per winner. Winners will be released on 25th Dec 2021.

Our team will contact the winners via the social media platform where the pictures were posted to deliver the award.


The best pictures/video will be selected based on quality and creativity.

Blurry pictures/videos will not be considered.


Start date: 25th Nov 2021

Due date: 24th Dec 2021 

The winners will be revealed on 27th Dec. Our team will contact you on social media to deliver the gift cards.